With the increasing importance of the tourism sector and the fact that food and beverage production and service areas in tourism sector constitute an important source of income for the sector, the need for qualified people in the tourism work force is gradually increasing. From this point of view, the need for qualified staff will only be met by innovative training programs. This is also important to meet the need for labor force at independent food and beverage companies and catering enterprises.

In line with urban tourist typology and tourism of Istanbul, one of Turkey's most important tourism destinations, it has now become indispensable for institutions offering tourism education to adapt their programs accordingly and offer variety in their curricula. Many of the leading sector enterprises in the city, where the experience of fine dining and slow food is developing rapidly, are looking for staff trained in gastronomy according to their clients’ needs but who are also not far from the tourism concept. Our department aims to train tourism experts who have knowledge about world cuisine but also who know their cuisine in its finest details and who can promote the culture. Our department benefits from sectoral experts in applied courses.